Our Process

Is your firm ready to transform from being one of many, to one of a kind?

Developing a highly focused, differentiated professional services brand requires experience, perspective and a proven, tested approach. At Harrington, our method is rooted in a commitment to only begin deploying creative services after fully diagnosing a client’s challenges and opportunities. In other words, we begin at the beginning.


We begin by exploring challenges and opportunities, as well as goals and objectives. In order to view problems differently, and provide unique solutions, we must first gather the necessary information and gain the appropriate perspective. From brand identity to website design, a strong, effective creative project is built on an equally strong foundation of deep understanding.


To be effective, creative execution must be purposeful. And purpose requires strategy. Having done the necessary diligence, the next step in our process is strategy development. This is where the dots get connected and the direction begins to take shape. By crafting a focused strategy – one that defines objectives, hones messages, and identifies audiences – the creative process becomes a means to an end, not an end in itself.


Once strategy is developed, the creative process begins. With a solid brief in hand, every keystroke and mouse click, every sketch and sentence, is directed toward helping our client overcome a specific challenge or seize a particular opportunity. Every member of our team is clear on his or her task, and our client is clear on what to expect. Regardless of the scope or nature of the project, the right tools are deployed to deliver the right result – spot on creative.

The diagnostic process we’ve described is important, but need not be lengthy. Just the opposite, in fact. In our experience, to “begin at the beginning” enables a project to hit its mark more quickly and efficiently. You can expect, therefore, more of what you need, and less of what you don’t.

Conversely, abbreviating the strategic process often lengthens the creative one. That’s because, as in any form of consulting, a problem that is not diagnosed is rarely prescribed the right therapy, leading to more revisions, restarts and, ultimately, underwhelming results. There’s a better way: begin at the beginning.