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March 7, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

For years he has toiled in relative anonymity while keeping us safe. No matter the conditions, no matter the odds, he pursues his mission with relentless zeal. His bark is as big as his bite as he works like a dog fending off the enemies of American aerospace. He asks for little in return. HisREAD MORE

February 22, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

One of my primary goals at Simply Stated is to educate and inspire lawyers of all ages and at all stages of their careers with valuable content that helps them grow, and derive more satisfaction, from their practices. There is a lot of content on Simply Stated, so if you’re new to the blog a goodREAD MORE

February 17, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

Almost every lawyer wants to command higher rates, attract more clients and increase his or her profile in the marketplace. However, many are stuck pursuing ineffective or inconsistent strategies. Others don’t even know where to start. My new book, One of a Kind: A Proven Path to a Profitable Law Practice, teaches lawyers how to standREAD MORE

February 15, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

Big firm or small, litigation department or corporate, law firm associates are assessed not only on their work product, but their business development skills, too. The good news is that there are steps that associates at any level can take to quash any questions about his or her practice-building abilities. Attorney at Work’s great new guide, “BuildREAD MORE

January 28, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

Business development is one of the greatest challenges for a new attorney. It’s not taught in law school, nor should it be. It’s something to be learned in the real world. But before chasing down clients, there’s a few things that junior law firm associates should focus on first. Learn more in my latest articleREAD MORE

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