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September 19, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

The issue of developing a niche legal practice is a hot one in legal marketing and business development circles today. It’s also one I address at length in my book, One of a Kind: A Proven Path to a Profitable Legal Practice. Last week, Slaw, Canada’s online legal magazine, published a chapter from One ofREAD MORE

September 14, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

It’s comforting to assume that great things are accomplished by those innately blessed with natural talent, skill and good fortune. If I believe that certain people are predestined for greatness, then it makes my own mediocrity more palatable. But it’s a false comfort. What happens when reality strikes, and I’m forced to confront that, withREAD MORE

September 8, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

We all make resolutions, and not just at the start of the year. Because we’re creatures of habit, we constantly seek to adopt good, new habits, and break bad, old ones. Eat better, write that article, quit smoking, exercise, make those phone calls, stop procrastinating so much, spend more time with family, learn that newREAD MORE

August 4, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

My new book,  One of a Kind: A Proven Path to a Profitable Law Practice,  is in print! I will be joining law practice management software maker Clio for a free webinar on August 9 during which I will discuss some of the issues addressed in my book. It’s free to attend and I promise a crisp, insightful presentation of ideas that can help you build a profitableREAD MORE

June 30, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

The world does not need more general practitioners. What is needed, and what good clients are willing to pay a premium for, is deep knowledge and expertise in narrow practices and industries. While being a generalist may make you relevant to all, being an expert makes you indispensable to some. You don’t need me toREAD MORE

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