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August 17, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

There’s a great deal that the legal industry can learn from the technology industry. A good starting point is Eric Ries’ book The Lean Startup, which is filled ideas that are just as valuable (perhaps more valuable) for large, institutional law firms as they are for fast-growing tech startups. Another great source of ideas andREAD MORE

August 10, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

There’s a misconception in the marketplace that the issues of personal branding for lawyers and business development for lawyers are distinct concepts. This post is meant to dispel this misunderstanding. It all comes down to appreciating the fact business development in the legal industry is a long game played over many years, and that theREAD MORE

August 3, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

The practice of law has changed in many important ways over the years, but in many others it has not. In today’s cutthroat, competitive culture, we have a tendency to romanticize what things were like in the legal profession “back in the day.” When we think of the “Giants” of our profession, those who leftREAD MORE

July 27, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

When I was a young associate, every time I sent an email to a partner or client that included work product or a bit of analysis I found myself eagerly anticipating a “pat on the back” email back in my inbox. As you may have guessed, those pats on the back rarely came. That’s lifeREAD MORE

July 20, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

Well known social media marketer Gary Vaynerchuk authored a book called “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” It’s all about brand building, marketing, and developing business in today’s digital environment. The central thesis is that in order to stand out and gain your audience’s attention, you need to give, give, give before asking for someone’s business.READ MORE

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