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November 12, 2014 POSTED IN: Business Development

I’m proud to announce that I am writing a new monthly column for Legal Ink Magazine. The November issue features my piece explaining my journey from lawyer to business entrepreneur, and what other lawyers looking to start their own businesses can learn from my experiences. You can check it out  here  or read the full text below: I am living theREAD MORE

November 6, 2014 POSTED IN: Business Development

Friday’s  Wall Street Journal  had an interesting article on two Kansas based financial advisors who opened their own firm who, when they opened their doors “took anyone who breathed as clients.” They grew to about 600 clients and $33 million under management – but were stressed, overworked and exhausted. They pared down, consolidated around their best 30 clients,READ MORE

November 4, 2014 POSTED IN: Content Creation

This week, Attorney at Work published my article “Wisdom Marketing: Building Trust, Loyalty and Respect.” The article provides tips on how to create content that resonates and connects with your audiences. Click  here  or read the full text below: “Click.” Did you hear that? That “click” was in your reader’s head. It’s the proverbial light bulb momentREAD MORE

October 30, 2014 POSTED IN: Branding

The global business marketplace is increasing in complexity, with legal and regulatory frameworks at the tip of the complexity spear. At the same time, and as a direct result of seemingly ubiquitous complexity, there is an intense desire among consumers – even sophisticated consumers of high end professional services – for simplicity. Law firms, therefore,READ MORE

October 28, 2014 POSTED IN: Business Development

Every professional wants to be viewed as an expert. Experts are respected. They know their stuff and have the experience, credibility and reputation to back it up. But does being an expert prevent you from being a groundbreaker? This  article from  raises that thoughtful question. Accordingly to the article, the more expert you are, the less openREAD MORE

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