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December 14, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

We’re winding down for the holidays here, but at the same time gearing up for a big, exciting 2017. I want to thank you, as one of Simply Stated’s loyal readers, for investing a bit of your time and attention to my blog this year. I hope you enjoyed reading the content as much IREAD MORE

December 7, 2016 POSTED IN: Business Development

A note to readers: This post constitutes my entry in a writing competition called “ Writing Contest: You Deserve to be Inspired ” hosted by the Positive Writer blog. Positive Writer is one of my favorite blogs about writing – check it out if you’re looking for an excellent writing resource. I shuffled the papers into a neat stack, stapled them, and strode confidentlyREAD MORE

November 30, 2016 POSTED IN: Branding

Have you ever put yourself in a prospective client’s shoes? Why would he, she or it hire you? Seriously, why? I’m sure you’re a good lawyer but (a) how would a prospective client know that and, perhaps more importantly, (b) can most prospective clients, at the point of purchase, discern between an average lawyer andREAD MORE

November 16, 2016 POSTED IN: Branding

I’m not an IP lawyer. I’ve never worked on a copyright issue. But I am a lawyer and a marketer, and although I no longer practice law, I can still spot an issue when I see it. And there’s a big, glaring one lurking for many law firms who are failing to take the stepsREAD MORE

November 10, 2016 POSTED IN: Branding, Business Development

Here’s a familiar story: Eager lawyer reads about the benefits of blogging and building an audience online; Lawyer sets up blog, publishes a few posts and…crickets; Lawyer gets discouraged and the blog withers and dies. This is a common story, but there’s a scarier one out there. It’s about the lawyer who, against all oddsREAD MORE

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