Fear, Ego, and an Endless Cycle of Poor Decisions
June 22, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

I live in a small town in northern Michigan called Traverse City. It’s a quaint, picturesque town of 17,000 residents, although the population, hustle and bustle of the area swells during the summer months. People flock from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan and the incredible food, wine and craftREAD MORE

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Lawyers With Strong Personal Brands Operate with Clarity of Purpose and Consistency of Effort
June 15, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

Lawyers with strong personal brands stand for something. And for those with the strongest brands, “something” means one thing. They are master craftsmen, rather than jacks of all trades. The jack of all trades lawyer is busy, bouncing from project to project, learning a little about a lot. Clients think of a jack of allREAD MORE

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Start Fast, Start Smart: Introducing a New Column for Attorney At Work
June 1, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

A great deal has been said and written about the epidemic of the unhappy lawyer. Surveys suggest that career dissatisfaction among lawyers, and even rates of depression, are on the rise. According to research published last year, 28 percent of lawyers experience mild or higher levels of depression. Associate attorneys are not immune from thisREAD MORE

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The Key to Social Media Marketing for Lawyers is Understanding the Context of the Platform
May 18, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

I often preach to lawyers who produce marketing and thought leadership content that the best source of material for their blogs and newsletters derives not from what they think is important and relevant, but rather from the issues and topics that their clients are talking about. I definitely try to take my own medicine onREAD MORE

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The Contradictions Inherent in Building a Practice
May 11, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

It’s easy to believe that success in business or in life is binary. Do this. Don’t do that. Achieve. But it doesn’t work that way. The answer to the question “Should I do this or that?” is often: Both. Therefore, a lawyer who spends meaningful time on the Internet trying to curate the best adviceREAD MORE

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Building a Book of Business Through Imperfect Action
April 27, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

All of us want things. Every year many of us resolve to make changes – personally and professionally – in order to get what we want. Eat better, write that article, exercise, make those phone calls, spend more time with family, learn that new skill. But inevitably another year passes without the results we desire and weREAD MORE

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The Opportunity of Disruption
April 20, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

Remember the good old days? The days when hourly rates increased year after year, junior associate time could be billed for, and it was considered unprofessional to try to poach another lawyer’s clients? That wasn’t that long ago, in fact. But times have changed. The market for legal services is flat. Since the Great Recession,READ MORE

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Beware the False Comfort of Conventional Wisdom
April 6, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

When was the last time you asked yourself this question: “What would happen if I did the opposite?”. Better yet, when was the last time you actually did the opposite?  Doing the opposite – going against the grain, bucking conventional wisdom – can be scary. It can result in failure. Particularly in the legal profession, it welcomesREAD MORE

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Self Awareness is Your Secret Weapon
March 16, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

When I was a fifth year associate at a large law firm, a big opportunity fell into my lap. A former colleague at a firm I previously worked at had moved on to an assistant general counsel position at a large Tier 1 auto supplier. He was in charge of the company’s “troubled supplier” issues,READ MORE

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Mentorship: It Takes a Network
February 23, 2017 POSTED IN: Business Development

Mentorship is one of the most powerful means of training and developing young associates. But many mentoring programs fail because they’re premised on a misguided notion that what a lawyer needs is a mentor, when what she really needs are mentors. The mentorship system in many modern law firms looks no different than it didREAD MORE

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