Bankruptcy Communications Strategy: Be Prepared and Be Honest
April 18, 2014 POSTED IN: Chapter 11 Strategic Communications

Given today’s 24-hour news cycle, the internet, and the public’s never satisfied appetite for news, businesses in bankruptcy do much better when they confront issues resulting from a bankruptcy filing rather than pretending they do not exist.  If customers know about a company’s bankruptcy, and they likely do, the company should demonstrate how it isREAD MORE

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What Businesses Can Learn From Detroit’s Bankruptcy

Spring 2014 marked five years since GM and Chrysler filed for bankruptcy. Detroit filed for bankruptcy a little over a year ago. Today, the auto industry is healthy, profitable and growing, and it is expected that Detroit will emerge from Chapter 9 before year’s end. Michigan’s recovery from the dark days of economic doldrums hasREAD MORE

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The Resurgence of Domestic OEMs
March 4, 2014 POSTED IN: Chapter 11 Strategic Communications

Time – along with an effective communications strategy – can heal all wounds. Five years ago, auto manufacturing titans General Motors and Chrysler were on the fast track to liquidation. Now, GM has streamlined its business, shed liability, executed a successful IPO, generated profits, and has rolled out popular new models including the awesome newREAD MORE

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The Next Chapter – Communications Lessons from Detroit’s Bankruptcy
February 18, 2014 POSTED IN: Chapter 11 Strategic Communications

Not surprisingly, Detroit’s bankruptcy case has presented novel and interesting legal issues. The largest municipal restructuring in history has also generated significant press coverage. Here are a few lessons that can be learned from the Detroit bankruptcy: 1. Adverse parties are better organized, and better equipped to fight battles in the press. In a traditionalREAD MORE

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From Doom and Gloom to Boom
February 3, 2014 POSTED IN: Chapter 11 Strategic Communications

This spring it will be five years since GM and Chrysler filed for bankruptcy. Michigan’s recovery from those dark days has been pretty remarkable. In this  article , The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore highlights many of the state’s economic bright spots. The one thing that is misleading about this piece is the headline – whileREAD MORE

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