Learn how to command higher rates, attract more clients and increase your profile in the legal marketplace.

In his new book, Jay Harrington draws upon his own experience as an attorney and legal marketer, and the experience of successful attorneys across the country, in order to lay out a path that lawyers can follow to build profitable practices. In today’s legal market, it’s not enough to sit back and wait for work to come in the door. More – much more – is required. Part marketing theory, part “how to” guide, this book contains practical advice for lawyers at any age and any stage of their careers.

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Learn How to Make the Transition from First Year Lawyer to Go-To Lawyer

Much like the first year of law school, the first year in a law firm can have a huge impact on a lawyer's career trajectory. A lawyer who starts slow will face an uphill climb. But one who start fasts will have a distinct advantage when it comes to career advancement. As the old saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. In this eBook, attorney, legal marketer and author Jay Harrington discusses several key tactics, strategies and philosophies that, if adopted, will help young lawyers get off to a fast start.

The ideas shared in this eBook preview a longer, more in-depth discussion of the issues facing first and second year lawyers in a full-length book Jay is working on that will be complete in 2017. Jay's new book will feature lessons learned from his own experience as an associate at large law firms, but more importantly the insights from numerous successful and experienced lawyers at prominent law firms throughout the country.

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Download these publications to gain a fresh perspective on important business development and marketing issues facing the legal industry. The publications feature content from several reputable industry experts, including Harrington, and serve as valuable reference guides in their respective topics.

Build It! The New Associates’ Guide to Business Development

Law firm associates are judged not only on their work product, but their business development skills, too. Attorney at Work published a guide called "Build It! The New Associates' Guide to Business Development," which is loaded with insights and information to help associate lawyers succeed. Two articles written by Jay Harrington are featured in the guide.

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Connected: A Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social media is an increasingly important tool for lawyers and law firms that want to build their reputations online. In this guide published by Attorney at Work, Jay Harrington's article addresses how to publish on LinkedIn and why it is an effective tactic for lawyers to reach new audiences and express thought leadership.

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