Attorney Coaching

Jay Harrington coaches and consults with individual lawyers and groups of lawyers on a number of issues, including personal brand development, build niche practices, productivity, and content marketing strategy. He believes that that experts with narrow focus, as opposed to generalists, make more money and develop more business, and he helps lawyers choose, build and promote specialized practices. His practical, proactive and interactive coaching style helps lawyers make thoughtful and intentional decisions about their careers.

Attorney Coaching

The transition period from associate to partner is a challenging one for many lawyers. Senior associates must learn new skills and reorient their thinking in order to make it a successful one.

As a more junior associate, a lawyer’s role is a supportive one which primarily involves doing high quality work. As a partner, the lawyer must learn to generate work and manage teams of other lawyers.

Jay Harrington offers a five-step coaching program, specifically tailored to the needs of each client, that helps associate attorneys at law firms develop the skills and characteristics necessary to become successful, productive, business generating senior attorneys. Jay encourages his coaching clients to think boldly and creatively in order to help them achieve their objectives. He also pushes them to be very proactive and action-oriented because, in Jay’s experience, the impediment to success for most lawyers is not the lack of a plan, but rather the failure to implement the plan. Jay believes that his clients are the masters of their domain and have the solutions to the challenges they face within themselves. He simply helps them to unlock their potential and set a course for success.

Program Elements

While Jay often adapts the program to address the specific objectives of each client, it typically involves:

Phase One: Assessment

Assessing Strengths, Weaknesses, Goals and Objectives. The purpose of this phase is to gain an understanding of the client’s strengths, weaknesses, goals and objectives. This is a revelatory process not only for coach, but for lawyer as well, as many of the issues are ones that the lawyer has never fully explored in his or her mind. The information gathered helps set the course and build the foundation for future sessions.

Phase Two: Expertise

Identifying and Defining Practice/Industry Area Specialization. Attorneys who succeed and develop profitable books of business in today’s competitive marketplace tend to be experts in narrow domains, rather than generalists. This phase is focused on helping clients identify a well defined niche practice.

Phase Three: Personal Brand

Defining and Building One’s Personal Brand in the Marketplace. We all have a personal brand. The question is whether our current brand in the marketplace is the what we want it to be. Most lawyers give little thought to what their personal brand is, let alone how to build and manage it. This phase focuses on helping clients build their personal brands so that potential clients have an understanding of the expertise they offer (as defined in Phase Two) and the types of problems they solve.

Phase Four: Tactics and Planning

Tactical Planning Focused on Establishing and Deepening Relationships. At its core, business development comes down to building relationships. This phase focuses on helping clients to strengthen existing relationships, and build new ones, in order to build a strong network of referral sources and potential clients.

Phase Five: Particular Needs

Addressing Specific Needs of Client. Every lawyer is unique, and so this coaching program builds in flexibility to address each client’s specific needs. This may involve helping the client establish better time management techniques, or overcome a fear of public speaking or networking.


60 to 90 minutes coaching sessions take place on mutually convenient dates for a period of six to twelve months (depending on the client’s preference) via Skype (or other preferred video-conferencing platform). Further communication between sessions takes place via phone and email. Jay and his coaching clients utilize cloud-based project management system Basecamp to log notes, collaborate and share documents. Jay follows up with his clients between coaching sessions to check in on progress and ensure accountability.

For information on pricing and availability, please contact Jay Harrington at or 313.432.0287.