Learn How to Make the Transition from First Year Lawyer to Go-To Lawyer

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Jay Harrington

Jay is co-founder of Harrington and leads the agency’s Brand Strategy, Content Creation, and Client Service teams. He works with clients to develop memorable brands and compelling content, and ensures that clients receive impeccable service and demonstrable value.

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Much like the first year of law school, the first year in a law firm can have a huge impact on a lawyer's career trajectory. A lawyer who starts slow will face an uphill climb. But one who starts fast will have a distinct advantage when it comes to career advancement. As the old saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

In this eBook, attorney, legal marketer and author Jay Harrington discusses several key tactics, strategies and philosophies that, if adopted, will help young lawyers get off to a fast start. The ideas shared in this eBook preview a longer, more in-depth discussion of the issues facing first and second year lawyers in a full-length book Jay is working on that will be complete in 2017.

Jay's new book will feature lessons learned from his own experience as an associate at large law firms, but more importantly the insights from numerous successful and experienced lawyers at prominent law firms throughout the country.

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Services for Lawyers and Law Firms

Coaching for Lawyers

In addition to brand strategy and content marketing consulting for law firms, Jay coaches and consults with individual lawyers and groups of lawyers on a number of issues, including personal brand development, niching strategy and content marketing strategy. He believes that that experts with narrow niches, as opposed to generalists, make more money and develop more business, and he helps lawyers choose, build and promote specialized practices. His practical, proactive and interactive coaching style helps lawyers make thoughtful and intentional decisions about their careers.

Jay works with approximately twelve lawyers, or small groups of lawyers (e.g., partners in a small law firm), during the course of a year. By limiting the number of coaching clients he works with, he is able to tailor his approach to each individual, and ensure the appropriate level of follow-up and accountability necessary for a successful coaching relationship.


Jay is available to speak at a select number of engagements during the course of the year. Topics that Jay addresses at venues such as legal conferences and law firm retreats include brand strategy, personal branding, niching strategy and content marketing.

If you are interested in more information about Jay’s coaching or speaking services, please contact him at jay@hcommunications.biz or 313.432.0287.