Content Marketing

Professional services is a relationship business. It’s also a knowledge business. That’s because consumers of professional services desire, above all else, expertise. Unless expertise can be conveyed and validated through referral or reputation, it must be demonstrated through thought leadership expressed in the marketplace of ideas. Experts write. They write to inform, they write to engage, and they write to attract. They write to position themselves as the “go-to” person with respect to a particular issue or topic. As a consequence of their writing, they build relationships of trust and loyalty with readers without ever necessarily interacting or engaging with members of their audience directly.

The challenge that most firms face is not “doing” content marketing. It’s doing it well. Audiences are suffering from information overload, and starting to tune out. To stand out with their content, firms need to be strategic in their approach and creative in their execution. We are here to help. Let’s work together to create a powerful publishing platform for your firm.

Content Marketing Strategy

Many firms engage in content marketing, but few have a documented content marketing strategy. Depending on the size of a firm, and its objectives, strategies should be developed on either a firm wide level or a practice or industry group level. We help firms create content marketing strategies that address:

  • Identifying the objectives of content marketing
  • Establishing a brand story and voice
  • Obtaining internal support and enthusiasm
  • Defining audiences
  • Researching audience needs
  • Creating a content execution plan
  • Creating a content distribution plan

Content Creation

Most firms have considerable resources at their disposal to meet their content marketing needs. Smart, savvy and skilled professionals have the ability to crank out lots of great content, but often lack the time to do so. Our team of content creators consists of professional writers who also understand professional services firms, the work they do, and the audiences they are trying to reach. Many are lawyers with a wide range of subject matter expertise. We help firms produce content consistent with the objectives of their content marketing strategy, including:

  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • White Papers
  • eBooks

We also work with firms to develop content for their traditional marketing mediums, including websites, brochures and newsletters.

Content Repurposing

Building an audience – and keeping it – requires ongoing effort and investment. As quickly as you attract eyeballs, they can begin to wander if not supplied with interesting, educational and informative content. All firms that invest in content marketing need to reinvent their approach from time to time to find new ways to engage.

Most mid to large size professional services firms have hundreds, if not thousands, of text-based articles in their archives. We help firms think creatively about how to repurpose their content to extend its reach and impact. Content can be repurposed up – a series of blog posts into a white paper – or repurposed down – an e-book into shorter form articles and infographics. By creating new content out of existing content we can test the content formats that your audiences are interested in. And it takes some of the pressure off your team to always come up with the next new thing.

We typically begin by identifying the most popular content that a firm has produced. These are the blog posts and articles that consistently drive traffic to a firm’s site and appear at the top of analytics charts, even though they may have been written months or even years prior. They are “evergreen,” meaning they are timeless. Since there is already data proving that the underlying content is of interest to your audience, presenting it in a unique, creative way is a safe, effective way to get started. Repurposing your most popular content provides compounding returns for your investment of time and resources.