Why Content is the Next Big Thing in Legal Marketing
April 18, 2016 POSTED IN: Content Creation

Although many of us don’t enjoy it, selling is a necessary part of business development. But selling doesn’t always have to require cold calling, glad-handing, and small talk. The solution? Content marketing. Read my latest article below, published on the blog of law practice management software company Clio, to learn about how content marketing helpsREAD MORE

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Produce Evergreen Content and Promote it Relentlessly
April 13, 2016 POSTED IN: Content Creation

In today’s saturated marketplace of ideas, many law firms struggle to create content that connects with audiences suffering from information overload. Faced with this challenge, legal content creators have three options: give up, trudge on or get strategic. To develop valuable, informative and entertaining content, you need a content strategy that leverages your firm’s collectiveREAD MORE

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Implications Not Information:
Give Your Audience What it Wants When Summarizing Case Law on Your Legal Blog
December 3, 2015 POSTED IN: Content Creation

Almost all lawyers who blog struggle with topic selection. And often it’s not a problem of too few topics to write about – indeed the legal landscape is vast – but too many. For a lawyer who doesn’t give much thought to his blog in the two week interim between writing posts, an overabundance of possible topicsREAD MORE

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Four Lessons Learned From An Unintended Five Month Content Marketing Hiatus
November 16, 2015 POSTED IN: Content Creation

Hello? Is anyone out there? It’s been awhile since we’ve touched base. Five months in fact. But trust me, it’s not you. It’s me. It’s been five months since I’ve posted to my blog or published on LinkedIn. Previously I was posting at least weekly, and sometimes five times per week. Content marketing was somethingREAD MORE

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Do Less to Achieve so Much More
May 26, 2015 POSTED IN: Business Development,Content Creation

I have had the pleasure over the last few months of speaking to various Legal Marketing Association groups in cities across the Midwest. I’ve presented ideas about how lawyers and law firms can improve their content marketing initiatives. The best part about these opportunities is hearing first-hand from legal marketing professionals about the challenges theyREAD MORE

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LinkedIn Announces Analytics for Publishing 
May 18, 2015 POSTED IN: Content Creation

If you’re a LinkedIn user, you are probably familiar with its “Who’s viewed your profile?” alerts. Last week LinkedIn announced a similar feature specifically for its publishing platform. For those who publish content on LinkedIn, this new tool will provide users with detailed insights and data about how their content is performing and how usersREAD MORE

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Compounding Returns for Content: An Evergreen Strategy
May 14, 2015 POSTED IN: Content Creation

Firms that develop a content strategy consisting of evergreen content – or content that stands the test of time – are better able generate traffic and build a loyal following of readers. My latest article, published by Attorney at Work today, explains what evergreen content is, how it can be created, and why it is the glue thatREAD MORE

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Content Repurposing for Professional Services
May 12, 2015 POSTED IN: Content Creation

Want to broaden the reach of your content? Reach new audiences, add a new perspective, and take some of the heat off of your content team by repurposing. Check out our latest infographic here .

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Paid, Owned and Earned: The Three-Legged Stool of Your Firm’s Content Marketing Distribution Strategy
April 29, 2015 POSTED IN: Content Creation

Creating great content is an essential first step in executing your firm’s content marketing strategy. But if the objective of content marketing is to get your content in front of the right people – clients, potential clients, and influencers in your industry – then great content is of little value if it’s not distributed effectively.READ MORE

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The Friday Four of a Kind
April 17, 2015 POSTED IN: Business Development,Content Creation

I’ve been busy trying to create lots of original (hopefully quality) content for the blog over the last couple of weeks. It’s Friday, so I’m taking a breather. Today I’m starting a new feature, The Friday Four of a Kind, which is a post that curates four of the best thought leadership articles from around theREAD MORE

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